REGENERAGE® Anti-aging Effect in Women Research


The skin aging, in addition to the general guideline of the whole organism, is negatively influenced by various internal and external factors that can accelerate and modify it. There are several anti-aging therapies, including those for topical use with greater acceptance among users. Bioquantine® is an innovative product with regenerative properties that has been added to REGENERAGE® cream.



To evaluate the REGENERAGE® cream anti-aging effect in 12 women.


Material and Methods:

Exploratory clinical trial, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel group. Ten healthy volunteers with a diagnosis of facial photo-aging were included. They were randomly assigned to the REGENERAGE® cream in half of the face and placebo cream in the other; The study products were applied every day in the morning and evening, for 12 weeks. Baseline evaluations were carried out in week 6 and 12 of: the surface of the living skin (SELS, Surface Evaluation of Living Skin) with the VISIA equipment, clinical scales, as well as irritation and safety parameters (Figure 1).


The patients had an average age of 44 ± 3.9 years. The surface parameters of living skin: superficial spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, deep spots, redness and porphyrins, showed no statistically significant differences at 12 weeks with respect to the baseline; in addition, no differences were observed between groups. The UV spots parameter had an average improvement after 12 weeks of 17% in the REGENERAGE® group and 24% in the placebo group, p<0.05; No differences were observed between the groups. In irritation symptoms: 1 patient reported redness, other pimples and in 2 cases of skin burning when the study product is applied; all of mild intensity. The overall satisfaction of the subresearcher was: “regular” 50% (n=5), “good” 40% (n=4) and “bad” 10% (n=1). The overall satisfaction of the study products by the patients was: “good” 50% (n=5), “very good” 40% (n=4) and “excelent” 10% (n=1). There were no adverse events.

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