Working closely with leading scientists and physicians around the globe, we are turning our research into products you can access today. Our cells, tissues and organs are the biological functional systems that are the key regulation mechanisms behind our wellbeing (as well as the unfortunate transformation to degeneration and aging).

Combining 21st-century understanding in regenerative biology, developmental genomics, and bio-cybernetics; Regenerage & Bioquark focuses on creating a class of substances called combinatorial biologics that take a novel path to reversing underlying illness, degeneration, or ageing cycles, as opposed to impacting merely the effects of such disorders.

Combinatorial biologics (Bioquantine) are focused on biochemical processes present in diverse organisms and may spontaneously change the biological regulatory structure in order to reach advantageous endpoints. Such concepts are raised in dynamic restoration of the tissues and organs, reversal of illness, and also reversal of biological age.

Bioquantine For Health

Bioquantine ® is a proprietary, all-natural formulation of bioactive substances. This acts as a tool to accelerate cellular renewal, repair, and rejuvenation, extracted from 100 % natural sources.

A pioneer in health & beauty research, Bioquantine ® is a state-of - the-art complex of polypeptides that includes over 90 polypeptides (proteins used to fix weakened human DNA and cells).


This wonderful extract helps weakened cells modify back into healthy and fresh ones, and rebuild themselves.

Bioquantine utilizes a natural signalling mechanism that aims to restore aged cells to a youthful and healthy condition.

Bioquantine functions the same way from the skin cells to the organ tissue despite what sort of cell it is or how much it is damaged. However, it may often take time to fix cells that have more damage than others. In clinical studies,

Bioquantine has been used to some disorders that are generally deemed incurable, such as Parkinson's disease, hypothyroidism, cerebral palsy, and also certain types of cancer and traumatic brain injury, with promising outcomes. Diabetes patients have also reported dramatic benefits from continuous usage of Bioquantine.

Is Bioquantine safe?

In order to guarantee quality and health requirements, reputable labs have thoroughly checked Bioquantine for the existence of different bacteria, bacterial contaminants, allergens, heavy metals and numerous pesticides and environmental pollutants.

Why use Bioquantine?

Bioquantine is used in many of our health & wellness products. The combination of all-natural, sustainable ingredients with all-natural Bioquantine enables us to build the ideal blend of gentle yet powerful products. Regenerage has an exclusive license to include Bioquantine in our products, which ensures the certain manufacturers are unable to produce exactly the same outcome.