Changing the paradigm of individualized and personalized medicine

Regenerage Clinic is a company based in Mexico City that offers a unique integrated platform of regenerative medicine technologies and services, bringing hope and confidence to patients with diseases of substantial unmet medical need, educating and raising awareness of the principles of cellular regeneration, repair, and rejuvenation.

Our objective

RegenerAge Clinic provides clinical treatments and technology to help improve the lives of patients who are suffering health conditions associated with chronic degenerative diseases of unmet medical need. RegenerAge Clinic focuses on extending health to generate real quality of life improvements, as well as recovery of cellular function and vitality, and optimizing the operation of the human body.


2004 - Founder certified by Harvard Medical School in area of primary clinical care - develop practice focus in areas of intelligent health prevention and cellular regeneration

2007 - Functional and Regenerative Medicine certified in the USA by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

2009 - AntiAging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine Board Certified. Founder mentioned in ceremony as the youngest medical graduate.

2012 - Founder Board Certified in Stem Cell Medicine (A4M).

2014Bioquark, Inc. announces the appointment of Dr. Joel I. Osorio MD, as VP of International Clinical Development.

2015 - Enhances Health Sciences focus on Preventative and Functional Medicine. Regenerative medicine initiatives expanded via international trade links, and branding and developmnet of proprietary, scientifically validated products for regenerative purposes

2016 - RegenerAge gains traction as innovative biomedical operations are strengthened in Mexico, U.S., and Australia, to treat a variety of degenerative ailments, including neuro-regeneration and neuro-reanimation in conjunction with ReAnima Advanced Biosciences.

Clinical Branches

We offer our services in a variety of locations worldwide.

We offer cutting-edge solutions for our customers, providing treatment at strategic locations across the country, as well as in prestigious international locations.

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