Pharmaboard interview regarding Regenerage:

Bioquark Inc. and RegenerAge SAPI de CV to Collaborate on Clinical Regenerative Healthcare:

Normalization of Vital Functions of Pathological Cells and Tissues By Key Mechanisms of Cell Adaptation and Reprogramming:

Therapeutic Effects of Bioquantine™ in Volunteer Patients Diagnosed With T2D, CKD, SCI, Hypothyroidism, Atypical Pyoderma Gangrenous, and Breast Cancer:

Potential Threapeutic Applications of Extract Made from Electroporated Xenopus Laevis frog Oocytes in Murine Models of Melanoma, Traumatic Brain Injury and Experimental Skin Wrinkling:

Co‐Electroporation with Xenopus Laevis Oocytes Reprograms Normal and Cancerous Human Cells to Resemble Reprogramming Normal and Cancerous Human Cells to Resemble induced Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: